NOTICE!!!! ...notice the different shifters?

As you travel through this blog you will see pictures of different "shifters".

Why? Different paradigms require different types of shifting or change to maneuver through them. A BMW will have a different type of gear shift than a Hemi-Dodge Pickup or a Shelby Mustang.

The different shifters are symbolic of the fact that a person must be willing to make different types of "shifts" or "changes" to make daily progress in ones life. One "shift" will not work in our ever changing world. Allow the pictures of the gear shifts to remind you of the need to be open to numerous ways of changing your paradigms that make up who you are as a person.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Moving from intentions to actions

"No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he only had good intentions. He had money as well." -
Margaret Thatcher

Leadership by Example

Should we really question what the financial institutions are doing when they are only following the example set for them by our country's leaders?
Please research the fact that the Democratic Leadership is screaming about extras such as Citi Bank's New Jet, the remodeling of offices at Merrill Lynch, etc. and yet Pelosi has her private jet to take her around the country and Obama has a decorator from the stars in Hollywood redecorating the White House and lets not forget the 140-150 million that was just spent on the innaugaration. We must have leadership by example in America .Is this why we need the stimulus? or is it part of the stimulus?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A closer look at our current conditions

Everywhere You Look:
Big Government Spending
As President Obama settles into his new office, it is imperative that we encourage him and Congress to exercise prudence when attempting to rescue the economy. Massive deficit spending will only throw our country further into economic shambles, as the current stimulus and SCHIP bills do little more than increase our debt and healthcare costs. Consider the following issues with the "stimulus" bill:

1) The $825 billion bill would dump $10,520 of new debt per household into the laps of our children and grandchildren. The interest on this debt ($347 billion) will dump even more.

2) Under the stimulus, new groups of children and adults would be eligible for Medicaid, the welfare program for the poor. These expansions are on top of spending $89 billion to bailout out failing state Medicaid programs.

3) The current "stimulus" bill will be the largest spending bill ever enacted by Congress, making the New Deal look small, accounting for inflation.

4) President Obama anticipates that spending over $800 billion will create 3.7 million new jobs. That means each job will cost more than $200,000, which is roughly equivalent to 5 times what the average American worker earns!

5) The bill is full of wasteful spending, including $21 million on new sod for the National Mall in Washington, $600 million on cars for government bureaucrats, and $650 million for digital television converters.

Also in Congress this week is the SCHIP bill that would essentially allow states to cover children of any income level, and even some adults and immigrants. This bill and the Medicaid expansions found in the economic stimulus package are moving the country closer to the tipping point where government will control more health care spending than the private sector, giving individuals and families less freedom over their personal health care decisions.

Many commentators and politicians have rushed to compare our current economic situation with the epic struggles endured by Americans during the Great Depression. However, it is often forgotten that even members of FDR’s Cabinet admitted that the vast amount of federal spending that defined the New Deal was not the solution necessary for economic recovery. Real stimulation will come from the private sector, who can create wealth to restore our economy—not the government, who can only redistribute wealth by taxing and borrowing.

And people wonder why we need a new way of thinking

Unions and liberal activist groups are pressuring key Republican senators to get on board with the Obama administration's economic stimulus proposal, after every Republican in the House voted against the plan Wednesday., along with the Service Employees International Union and other groups, announced Thursday they will run a set of ads in five states urging Republican senators up for election in two years to support the plan, which passed the House despite GOP opposition.

The ad feature clips of President Obama talking about how his plan will save or create at least 3 million jobs and get the economy back on track.

"Tell Senator ... to support the Obama plan for jobs, not the failed policies of the past," the announcer says.

The ad will target Sens. Susan Collins, R-Maine; Olympia Snowe, R-Maine; Judd Gregg, R-N.H.; Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska and Charles Grassley, R-Iowa.

Adding to the pressure, committees in the House have released data breaking down funding in the stimulus package by state.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office also put out a statement saying Republicans were voting against job creation and tax cuts.

Pelosi told reporters Republicans in Washington were out of touch with Republicans in their own districts.

"Republicans in the country support this legislation. ... Whatever the tactics of the Republicans in Washington is another thing," she said.

But Republican leaders say the stimulus does little to create jobs and did not incorporate their ideas despite pledges from Democrats of bipartisan cooperation.

taken from

Will anyone stop the chanting?

"We must get the stimulus plan passed as soon as possible" are words we are hearing chanted across Washington and the press over the past few weeks. With every announcement of a company laying off more employees the chant grows louder and more passionate. Who can dismiss over 80,000 people so far this week losing their job without wanting to find a solution? How can Pelosi, Reid and Obama stand with straight faces saying their stimulus plan is going to provide an answer to our economies problems when the bill originally had money for grass, condomns, STD education, the arts and many causes that might be "nice" but are not items that will provide jobs or a boost to the economy. The stimulus plan has turned out to be instead of something that will be provide CPR to a dieing economy a final death blow of pet projects. Every citizen needs to read what is attempting to be passed off as the answer to the problems of our economy without Political Party allegiances. Then common sense must prevail and individuals must speak out against the insanity of the chanting that this must be passed when only twelve cents on the dollar of the "stimulus" plan has anything to do with increasing jobs and providing a boost to the economy.


Where the Jobs are a new paradigm

Herman Trend Alert: Where the Jobs Are and Will Be January 28, 2009

Though the media in the United States is filled will news of layoffs, what is not being widely reported is some companies are still hiring---notably Whole Foods, Boston Consulting Group, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Fuld and Company, Scotts LawnService, URS, and more. The company that made it to the top of Fortune's "100 Best Places to Work" list this year, NetApp, which sells innovative storage and data management solutions, is also hiring.

The other companies that are hiring are in a wide variety of fields. Convenience stores like 7-Eleven which is looking for employees in operations, accounting, information systems, merchandising, and marketing.

Do you love animals? Here is an employer for you. Banfield, the largest general veterinary practice treating pets in the world, is currently looking for veterinarians, pet nurses, office managers, and client service coordinators.

If you are job hunting, there are two sectors that stand out---insurance and healthcare. State Farm, HealthMarkets, and Farmers Insurance are all looking for employees. Farmers is particularly looking for bilingual associates, while State Farm seeks a wide range of candidates including people to work in claims, underwriting, and systems/information technology. HealthMarkets, a nationwide health insurance provider, is recruiting agents to sell to self-employed individuals and their families.

In the realm of healthcare, Gentiva Health Services, a provider of home care services, is looking for a range of highly skilled employees, including nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and other clinicians; as well as sales, management and administrative support professionals. Sutter Health, a group of doctors, not-for-profit hospitals, and other healthcare service providers, is also seeking a variety of people to provide bedside care, implement lifesaving technology, and take administrative positions.

Since we value our mobile phones more highly than our laptops. (See, it will come as no shock that the sales of cell phones and PDAs (personal digital assistants) have not diminished significantly. Verizon and AT&T continue to hire sales people and store managers, especially those with language skills.

The only employers seeking unskilled workers right now are in the insurance and call center areas. Our forecast is highly skilled workers will continue to enjoy opportunities, no matter how high unemployment goes. Next week, we will cover the Green Job opportunities

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Paradigm is needed in our Press...

Below is a segment of an article that was written by the Associated Press, "Obama Breaks from Bush avoids divisiveness". I did not agree with much that Bush did in his last months but how can this be journalism? It shows bias from the start. Is now the press just a marketing tool for the new administration? I want Obama's Presidency to work but if there is no objectivity in the Press how will we know the truth about what is happening in our country? How will we be any different than Russia or China with state run media? Has the Associated Press become the same thing as the National Enquirer now?

Below is a segment of the article that I have referred to ...

Obama breaks from Bush, avoids divisiveness
President focuses on economy, world image and cleaning up government

updated 2:29 a.m. CT, Sun., Jan. 25, 2009
WASHINGTON - Barack Obama opened his presidency by breaking sharply from George W. Bush's unpopular administration, but he mostly avoided divisive partisan and ideological stands. He focused instead on fixing the economy, repairing a battered world image and cleaning up government.

"What an opportunity we have to change this country," the Democrat told his senior staff after his inauguration. "The American people are really counting on us now. Let's make sure we take advantage of it."

In the highly scripted first days of his administration, Obama overturned a slew of Bush policies with great fanfare. He largely avoided cultural issues; the exception was reversing one abortion-related policy, a predictable move done in a very low-profile way.